Top 1000 Space Pictures

A Scorpius Sky Spectacular

If Scorpius looked this good to the unaided eye, humans might remember it better. Scorpius more typically appears as a few bright stars in a well-known but rarely pointed out zodiacal constellation. To get a spectacular image like this, though, one needs a good

Nearly 10 million stars at a glance

>or by the expansion/contraction of the space between us and the star? Firstly, the space between us is expanding only. See [cosmic inflation]( Secondly, the redshift is a result of both inflation and sidereal motion but mostly the latter as its effect is far

ALMA and the centre of the Milky Way

>This view shows several of the ALMA antennas and the central regions of the Milky Way above. In this wide field view, the zodiacal light is seen upper right and at lower left Mars is seen. Saturn is a bit higher in the sky

Six years ago, astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope discovered a ghostly ring of dark matter that formed long ago during a titanic collision between two massive galaxy clusters. The ring’s discovery is among the strongest evidence yet that dark matter exists.

there’s a lot of gravitational evidence for the existence of dark matter (dating back to the 1930s), ranging from rotational velocity curves to gravitational lensing of galaxy clusters, as well as indications from numerical simulations. it’s not just far away galaxies, there’s evidence from

A planetary system being born

According to [this]( HL Tau is 450 light years from Earth. This means that the image we are seeing right now is 450 years old. On the cosmic scale that isn’t a lot of time so more than likely the HL Tau system currently

Amazing Aurora Over Norway (APOD Nov 06, 2013)

Many long-exposure aurora pictures are brighter than the real thing appears to the eye. I can tell this is one of those, so you wouldn’t be able to see as much glowing in the dim areas with the naked eye. However, these long exposures

The Sun, Mar 9 2015

A flare is caused when the magnetic fields in the area reach a critical tension. This tension is caused by the positive and negative sides pulling on each other and when they give they release a flare. The one that happened right after this

Infrared view of the Orion Nebula, 1350 light-years away

From my understanding, it’s shifted, either upward or downward. It’s certainly not true color, but in some tones it is. Color is merely the particular bandwidth of absorption or refraction of white light caused by how different elements and particles hit different wavelengths of

It’s the largest and most complex star forming region in the entire galactic neighborhood. Located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy orbiting our Milky Way galaxy, the region’s spidery appearance is responsible for its popular name, the Tarantula nebula.

Well, honestly, who cares about what religion has to say about it. The fact that this kind of vastness exist just further reveals how petty and irrelevant man made religions are. I would also argue that science would suggest that, under the right conditions,

30 Doradus, located in the heart of the Tarantula nebula, is the brightest star-forming region in our galactic neighborhood. The nebula resides 170,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Links to very large images in comments.

[100″ x 60″ 15 panel (116.88 MB)](×20/ [80″ x 48″ 15 panel (81.26 MB)](×16/ [100″ x 60″ Mural (169.08 MB) ]( [40″ x 24″ Mural (68.27 MB) ]( [60″ x 36″ Mural (145.27 MB) ]( [80″ x 48″ Mural (153.60 MB)](

The early morning hours of May 6 were moonless when grains of cosmic dust streaked through dark skies near Albion, Maine. Swept up as planet Earth plows through dusty debris streams left behind periodic Comet Halley, the annual meteor shower is known as the Eta Aquarids.

I love pictures line these. Gives you a sense of scale of objects in the sky. Makes you realize you’re just on a spinning rock among millions of similar spinning rocks in a huge whirlwind among billions of other whirlwinds in a huge cloud

Night sky in Indonesia

It’s a long exposure photograph. The colors look unnatural because your eye doesn’t work that way. And if anyone is about to say “no it isn’t, the sky looks JUST like that”, please note the light trails from the car that drove by in

The Aurora Borealis. Photo by Andrew Cameron.

A bit of a nerd here. While I imagine, as others are saying, that there is some enhancement here, it is not completely from enhancement. The enhancement is mostly in the clarity. The colors can range over a wide spectrum of colors. This is

The Galactic Core in Infrared

I agree its somewhat like a drain mr. Unclogger, but i think its more like a ringing wave equation based on the observers proximity to the speed of light and a heat equation of the brains processing speeds determining distance and atomic density temperature

The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, is a neighboring star cluster located 400 ly away in the constellation Taurus. It can be easily seen with the naked eye and has an apparent magnitude of 1.6. The open cluster consists of approx. 3,000 luminous, blue stars.

Well this is speculation here because I haven’t bothered to go out and get a handy-dandy source to confirm what I’m about to say *BUT* I have heard in the past that the Pleiades were considered a sort of rudimentary vision test because the
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