Top 1000 Space Pictures

Stephan’s Quintet. Four galaxies merging into one

I just finished rewatching Contact. In time, maybe. But even our ancestors won’t be life as we imagine it. It may not matter…life is likely everywhere anyway. 4 billion years from now a whole new planet with intelligent life could emerge just like on

Milky Way over Devils Tower

We’re located in one of the many arms of the Milky Way, seeing as it’s a spiral galaxy. What you’re seeing here is a view of the galactic center, as you get closer and closer to the center the stars and gas become more

Herbig-Haro 110

Real explanation is crazier — plumes of material being ejected from around a young star at hundreds of kilometers per second. H-H objects last only a few thousand years which is very short on astronomical timescales.

Road to Nowhere –

By composite he means merging two (or more) photographs, which is generally different than “faking.” The fake part in this photograph is that our eyes would not be able to pick up as much detail of the milky way as the camera has. Our

A Christmas moon

I actually tried to take a photo in this way, but it don’t convey the idea at all, the sphere covers the moon…and it is not clear that the moon is behind! 🙂

The ghost of a dying star — the Southern Owl Nebula

Almost four light-years, according to [the source]( The distance between Sun and Earth is eight light-minutes. This might give you a rough estimation about its size. It doesn’t hurt to provide some more info, OP 😉 At least a link to the source. Anyway,

I made a Jupiter cross-stitch

Don’t want to argue over something as silly as this, but there is actually no vantage point from which actual Io could appear that size in relation to actual Jupiter. Io is one of the closest moons to Jupiter and as absolutely dwarfed by


Explanation: Why would a small part of the Sun appear slightly dark? Visible above is a close-up picture of a sunspot, a depression on the Sun’s face that is slightly cooler and less luminous than the rest of the Sun. The Sun’s complex magnetic

The Milky Way: A pillar of light

This is what I was going to say. It’s a great photo! I spend a lot of time looking at space photos for inspiration to paint, and this is one of those too-good-to-paint types of photos. As a painting, it would look super fake.

Rhea in front of Saturn

This is sick! It gave me a “living in the future” feeling. I mean, I wouldn’t have felt like this if it was a mere space photo from close to Saturn, but this is art. I have trouble grasping that we/humanity went there and

Our galaxy and some lightning over Greece

[Taken from NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day for July 3rd]( > It may appear, at first, like the Galaxy is producing the lightning, but really it’s the Earth. In the foreground of the above picturesque nighttime landscape is the Greek Island of Corfu,

Jupiter with Io and Europa

More complicated than that. Voyager vidicons had multiple filters that were targeted on specific wavelengths of lights. These wavelengths were selected for many reasons including the expected compositions of the outer planet atmospheres. For example, methane is more transparent to certain wavelengths than others