Top 1000 Sky Pictures

Crazy storm clouds in Breckenridge MN

Just desaturate what you have, the tones are fine. I just took a crack at it with non-HDR processing and produced basically the same image but without such saturated colors on the ground; which is be expected since you made the HDR from a

Bastion Timisoara

Source: [Shelf Cloud over Timisoara Bastion]( by [Ervin Boer]( on []( Request for [HD Download]( or [Framed Print]( or [Royalty Free License](

Monterey Bay from UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz has some really beautiful sunsets, especially when it’s nice and hot. I mean, I’m sure that can be said for anything, but when I’m driving down Soquel with the sunset in my rear view, it just makes my day. Capitola has some

Lightening above Lago Ranco, Region de Los Rios

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Went to take the trash out and saw this.

Beautiful! I see some lovely sunsets from my bedroom window. Sadly, the only camera I own is the one on my phone. It doesn’t stop me from trying but the photos never capture the colours properly and they always look washed out.

sea of heaven over the midwest

Well if by “anyone” you mean me because it’s my photo haha, this is the version I posted on instagram and Facebook, I could hook you up with a specific size though as the original photo is 13 megapixels!

Aurora “dog” over Alaska: In March 2014, astrophotographer John Chumack captured this most unusual aurora near Fairbanks: A jumping dog complete with a curly tail. Planets visible include bright Jupiter through the dog’s front legs and reddish Mars below the dog’s hind legs.

Looks a little like a terrier. Image should be nicknamed Asta, a la [the dog]( from the Thin Man series.

From the Edge of Lake Michigan

Real for sure. It’s very easy to get pictures of the night sky, provided you have a decent enough camera. [Here’s a picture I got just a few weeks ago!](