Top 1000 Sky Pictures

When a regular tornado is not enough

Yeah, it’s annoying how some of the best photos aren’t in high resolution. The highest res I could find was this [1,247px × 809px version](

Cloud Bomb – 33000ft over India

Except it goes to +100 in Lightroom. Shoot out of grubby airline windows and you’ll see it’s an unfortunate necessity. Of course I would rather no clarity adjustment was needed.

Northern Lights, Norway

So there’s a lot wrong with this image. It’s, at best, a poor merging of two images. 1.) the city is nicely in focus, showing a higher aperture. The stars are *way* out of focus, that’s just not possible with how the city was

Red clouds and windmills

I’m aware; my undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering. That is why I didn’t say that turbines produce electricity, but rather compared it to other electricity-producing turbines. You have a good point, though, that these systems must be tied to a generator to make

Beautiful tornado touching down

I like to talk about tornadoes when I can… This is a tornado in the dissipating or “rope” stage. In supercell (rotating) thunderstorms, cooler, stable air wraps around the rotational center. This is the rear flank downdraft (RFD) and it can choke off the

Parseid meteor shower over Denver

Credit for this image: Thomas O’Brien The image was taken from Mt Evans at an elevation of 14000 feet, looking East over the city. Also this is Thomas’ photo blog for anyone interested:

-35 in the Canadian north

It funny how we are 2 completely different people, personally I love the cold weather, but I dont mind the warm. I feel like its always easier to warm up then to cool down. In the summer time when it gets to +25°C –

Great View of Sunset over Mount K2, Pakistan

Sure. Never been to Pakistan, so no shots of K2, but I’ll gladly show images I myself have shot in the North Cascades: Because of the position of the sun (opposite) in relation to the side of the mountains facing the camera, not

Gorgeous Sunset in Nebraska

I drive on that road fairly often, recognized it instantly.,-96.089883,3a,75y,267.91h,73.9t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sNddDPMlEEidcIu8k6vZRRg!2e0 And yeah I’d believe you about OP since it was actually taken in Iowa technically.

Green sky in Illinois

That’s not a green sky (nor blue snow) – rather, that’s just bad white balance. Here’s my approximation/guess of what the scene probably looked like when it was photographed:

A different point of view – Reunion Island

Thanks. Fuji Finepix S7000. That was back in 2009, for my first trip there in fourteen years. It was my dad’s camera at the time. He visited us later and left it to me because he bought another. I miss the island’s light, it

Fruita Canyon, Colorado

All you have to do to build a road is to flatten out the area and pave. Bridges involve huge work crews, engineers, and way more heavy machinery. It’s almost never cheaper to build a bridge over something unless the alternate route is way

Eyjafjallajökull eruption, Iceland.

Fantastic! For those who don’t know these are mammatus clouds formed in the ash cloud downwind of the mountain. It’s the same thing that can happen on the underside of the anvil of a large thunderstorm. It’s technically debatable what specifically causes them from
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