Top 1000 Sky Pictures

Stars over the farm

Thank you! This was taken near my hometown, I’m currently living in Chicago so I don’t get to see this view that often. Not sure where you are located, but you can try looking at this website to figure out where the nearest dark

Sunrise in Yosemite valley, California

I understand your point, I really do, but as a photographer and as someone who has visited Yosemite numerous times, this photo bothers me. I’ve seen many glorious sunsets and sunrises, in Yosemite and elsewhere, but none have looked like molten lava in the

There’s a storm brewing…

People want to see this kind of stuff daily, head to Oklahoma and the rest of tornado alley, shit gets crazy out there. I see this stuff almost daily.

Dusty road

When the sky gets like that I just can’t help but be happy. It looks destructive and beautiful!

Flying over a rainbow on my way back to Kentucky

Yeah, it is. Rainbows form when sunlight is refracted and reflected back to you in raindrops; they show up opposite the sun, centered on the antisolar point (which is the point where the shadow of your head is), and are ~42 degrees in radius

The sun was setting and a cloud turned into a rainbow.

You are mistaken. This is an example of [iridescent clouds]( “Fire rainbow” is not an official term for anything, it’s a colloquial term without a solid definition. I’ve seen the term applied to any of a number of colorful phenomena (usually a [circumhorizontal arc](,

Skyline Drive

Forgot to add the place in the title. Taken in Rapid City, South Dakota, looking south and west towards the Black Hills. Harney Peak is on the left hand side. It’s the highest point east of the Rockies and west of the Pyrenees Mts.

Both ends of the (double) rainbow

Naw, those are water droplets just outside where I was sitting. I was tempted to retouch ’em, but thought they were interesting enough to let alone. I wasn’t going for a perfect picture so much as an interesting picture.

Milkyway Starscape in the Bahamas

I agree, I can’t think of one milky way shot I’ve ever seen with a guy posing in it that I liked. Maybe it’s because to me it’s so obviously staged – these photos require a very long exposure and nobody stands still for