Top 1000 Sky Pictures

This morning’s sunrise in Seattle

The angle which you’re thinking would be looking north, but this is looking south toward Mt. Rainier. In the bottom left is First Hill. Straight ahead is Beacon Hill. To the left of that is Rainier Valley (where Franklin High School is…Mt. Baker area).

Tsunami-shaped clouds rolling across Alabama

Glad someone posted this. This isn’t a unique shape to Tsunamai, it actually has to do with a frequently seen flow instability called a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability which is frequently seen as a shear layer instability. A shear layer the interface region between two flows

Storm rolling in over Kansas

It doesn’t add to it because it’s in the wrong area of the picture to work with the composition, which is the arrangement of shapes and perspective. Good composition creates an obvious “path” for your eyes to take as you look at everything going

Asperatus Clouds Over New Zealand

>Explanation: What kind of clouds are these? Although their cause is presently unknown, such unusual atmospheric structures, as menacing as they might seem, do not appear to be harbingers of meteorological doom. Known informally as Undulatus asperatus clouds, they can be stunning in appearance,

Sunset at the beach

It’d look good next to the black velvet painting of Elvis. Everyone in the trailer park will be jealous. The colors make it so classy.

View from the plane

This view is one of the myriad reasons I love flying. Even better is when it’s not exactly dark out yet, but as you look up the sky gradually gets blacker and you can see the moon

Walked out of class and fell in love. Tempe, AZ

The skies. The humidity (HA!) The food, the motorcycling, the horses, the space, the rent, the lack of pollen, the healthy lifestyle, my two houses, the pittbulls, lack of traffic, the insurance rates, lack of stupid politics, the gun laws, not freezing my ass

A reflection of sunset in Thailand.

Source: [The Reflection of Sunset]( by [Phanuwat Nandee]( on []( Available for [HD Download]( and [Framed Print]( and [Royalty Free License](

Earth sky in 4 billion years.

“It didn’t look like this when I was growing up.” He set down his beer and leaned back on the rooftop, eyes on the handful of stars filtering through the ambient light of the city. “What, you grow up on a farm or something?”