Top 1000 Sky Pictures

30,000 ft above Austin, TX, this morning

Yes, because I care about digital accessibility. Non-standard spelling or grammar causes problems for: * web browser “find in page” features * screen readers (text-to-speech software for people who are blind, driving, cooking, walking, exercising, resting their eyes, etc) * machine translation (Google Translate,

Nuclear Bomb test in the South Pacific,

Probably something to do with the coral reef it is on. Generally speaking the color of the clouds vary most with whatever kind of material they are detonated over. If there is a lot of water, they are white. If it is over the

The view from my house at 3am this morning.

I took [this]( at midnight a few weeks ago in Inverness. I used my phone so it’s poor quality (and it looked brighter in reality) but it at least demonstrates that the sun barely dips below the horizon in summer in Scotland. I never

Lightning in Athens

shiiiiit. Don’t think I would be standing outside. I was driving once and lightning struck an overhanging lamp post right next to me and sparks flew all over my car. Being 17 years old at the time I pulled into the next parking lot,

Yellow sky.

Somewhere along the lines, somebody forgot to factor in the fact that such an extremely colored sky like this would be reflected on the water’s surface, instead of appearing as pale blue as we see it here. I would wager it was somebody other

This happens in Seattle… Sometimes

HDR – High dynamic range: is a set of techniques used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than possible using standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. I would bet my piggy bank HDR was used in this image.

Sunset over Lake Lanier, GA

I spend most of my summers fishing on Lake Lanier and I have lost count of the number of times I have stared off into that sunset.. nice to see it get some love on this subreddit.