Top 1000 Sky Pictures

Standing Above The Clouds

This picture makes me feel so at peace and a little sleepy even, it looks like a wonderful dream. If I was that person I don’t know how I would stop myself from just letting go and falling in… [l’appel du vide…]( but in

Montana sunrise

My parents, my sister and me have gone to Montana every 4 years since 2003 for our summer vacation (started out as a grad-present to me) , and in 2010 for a Christmas vacation. We’re from Ohio, which is by no means ugly, and

Sunset like I’ve never seen before. Buffalo,NY

That is a beautiful picture! Sometimes it really is almost, if not impossible to tell the difference b/w locations (unless you count palm trees lol). Close! I do have a couple of shots from around Presque Isle (Erie) and Barcelona, PA. If I find

My view while kayaking in Charleston, SC.

Yes, I got that feeling when I was there just on vacation…I will probably live abroad for a few years, but if/more like when I come back, charleston is on the top of my list. Even earlier if possible…I’m in communications/PR/digital media work so

Lake Champlain – Burlington VT

It goes over the Adirondacks. i.e. the mountains on the other side of the lake. If you live in BVT, Note the density of the color gradient toward the south side of the adirondacks. Thats from NYC and Syracuse. Source: Masters in Environmental Science

Mammatus clouds in front of a very strong Bow Echo on 09.06.2014 somewhere near Büllingen on the German-Belgium border.

Source: [Mammatus explosion]( by [Boris Jordan Photography]( on [](

Stars over the farm

Thank you! This was taken near my hometown, I’m currently living in Chicago so I don’t get to see this view that often. Not sure where you are located, but you can try looking at this website to figure out where the nearest dark

Sunrise in Yosemite valley, California

I understand your point, I really do, but as a photographer and as someone who has visited Yosemite numerous times, this photo bothers me. I’ve seen many glorious sunsets and sunrises, in Yosemite and elsewhere, but none have looked like molten lava in the

There’s a storm brewing…

People want to see this kind of stuff daily, head to Oklahoma and the rest of tornado alley, shit gets crazy out there. I see this stuff almost daily.
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