-35 in the Canadian north

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It funny how we are 2 completely different people, personally I love the cold weather, but I dont mind the warm. I feel like its always easier to warm up then to cool down. In the summer time when it gets to +25°C – +30°C it’s a bit of a treat, but I can’t stand it for long. I don’t like the feeling of always being sweaty and stinky.

In northern Alberta we usually get our first snow fall in mid October and the snow isn’t gone till mid May. The thing that gets to you is the long nights. You wake up, go to work… its dark. When you get off work its dark, so it literally feels like you are living in complete darkness. The picture above was taken at around 5pm. So you can tell we don’t get a lot of it.

It’s not rare for us to get a couple weeks in January to drop below -40°C. It just reminds you that mother naturally is terrifying and when it comes to keeping yourself occupied there is a lot of stuff you can do for example I love going cross country skiing, ice fishing and taking astrophotography.

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