Sunrise in Yosemite valley, California

I understand your point, I really do, but as a photographer and as someone who has visited Yosemite numerous times, this photo bothers me. I’ve seen many glorious sunsets and sunrises, in Yosemite and elsewhere, but none have looked like molten lava in the

There’s a storm brewing…

People want to see this kind of stuff daily, head to Oklahoma and the rest of tornado alley, shit gets crazy out there. I see this stuff almost daily.

Jupiter and Io transit

A stack of the top 5 percent of 20k frames. Canon T3i, XT8 telescope. Mounted with a t-ring and a barlow. [Here]( is a timelapse of the transit.

Sunrise on Three Worlds in 1920×1080

> One guy in another thread is actually arguing that the sun is planet Earth. That actually makes a lot more sense, considering the angle of the sun shown by the shadows. It would be just beginning to light up the lunar landscape, but

10 minutes after the total eclipse ended.

It will happen again on 8 October this year. Total eclipse will begin at 10:25 UT, greatest eclipse at 10:54 UT, and it ends at 11:24 UT. Details are on [NASA’s website](

In March 2009 during STS 119’s visit to the ISS, astronomer Ralf Vandebergh (armed with a telescope and video camera) captured astronaut Joseph Acaba spacewalking 2009 April 10 ISS and Astronaut Credit & Copyright: Ralf Vandebergh Explanation: These two frames, taken with a video camera and a telescope, reveal remarkable details of the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting some 350 kilometers above planet Earth. Recorded during last month’s

A galaxy with a glowing heart

If viruses are alive, how about prions? At an easier to grasp level, how about fire? And, if fire is alive, how about self-sustaining fusion reactions, like stars? I’d go for something like “self replication with ability to increase the complexity of the pattern

Night Sky over Kenya

Oh I’ve been there before, loved it waaay too much so I’m going back to see other places. Thanks for the advise though. Tsavo was lovely. Masai Mara was absolutely beautiful

Io Transit of Jupiter

This is more generally known as the Jovian chromophore problem. We think we have a pretty good understanding of why there are alternating white and brown bands, but the red stuff that make up Great Red Spot still remains a mystery. Basically, everything you